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Haley Neidich is regularly quoted in major publications as an expert in the field of mental health. Haley provides guidance to journalists on topics related to self-care, meditation, addiction, motherhood, social justice and any and all other issues related to direct practice and macro mental health issues.

If you’re a journalist or podcast host looking to interview Haley, please e-mail her directly at [email protected]. For journalists, Haley can book a phone call, Zoom call or provide written responses to your questions. Haley takes her contribution to media work very seriously and will be back in touch with you shortly.

Booking Haley For Public Speaking, Seminar or Professional Development

Haley is currently booking 6 months out for public speaking engagements and professional development trainings so if you’d like to hire her, please get in contact to coordinate schedules as soon as possible. At this time, all public speaking and training services are available online only.


Press Highlights:

BUSTLE - How To Stay Connected To Your Partner When You're Apart For The Holidays

INSIDER - How to tell the difference between lust and love, according to relationship experts

TIME - Women Are Deciding Not to Have Babies Because of the Pandemic. That’s Bad for All of Us

MIND BODY GREEN - 8 Signs Of A Sexual Narcissist: Selfishness, Cheating & More

PARADE - Use These CBT and DBT-Based Strategies for Coping With Anxiety When You Don't Know What the Future Holds

TALKSPACE - How Singles Can Fight Loneliness During Social Isolation

WELL + GOOD - Healthy Eating & Diet Culture For Kids

PARENTS - 10 Simple Ways to Show Emotional Support to a Loved One in Need

YALE DAILY NEWS - Study finds career-focused women prioritize family planning


Additional Press:

MEDICALDAILY - Diagnosis of a Personal Nature Shouldn’t Cause Shame

INSIDER - Go ahead, turn your camera off. Video calls are breeding 'Zoom dysmorphia' and hurting productivity.

NYMETROPARENTS - Child Anxiety: This is When You Should Start to Worry

INSIDER - US birth and fertility rates hit an all-time low in 2020, fueling worries of a 'demographic time bomb'

INSIDER - What it's like to recover physically and emotionally from a miscarriage, which Meghan Markle described as 'carrying an almost unbearable grief'

REWIRE - How To Support Your Depressed Friend When You’re Depressed Too

EVERYDAYHEALTH - How Gardening Became the Self-Care Staple I Never Knew I Needed

PSYCHCENTRAL - All About Burnout

HEALTHLINE - Write It Out: 6 of the Best Guided Journals

PARADE - If You Know (Or Suspect) That Someone in Your Life Has an Eating Disorder, Here Are 17 Things You Should Never Say to Them

NEXTAVENUE - Are You Living in the Moment?

THEBUMP - How and When Do Babies Develop Object Permanence?

ITSALLYOUBOO - 17 Self-Confidence Journal Prompts and Ideas for Adults

ELITE DAILY - If You Have Anxiety, Dating Can Be Extra Stressful — Here's How To Cope

HELLO GIGGLES - Does a Weighted Blanket Actually Relieve Your Anxiety? Experts Explain

VERYWELL FAMILY - Community Diversion Programs Prove Helpful for Justice-Involved Kids

SAATVA - 5 Tips for Comfortably Working from Bed

VERYWELL MIND - Social Support, Flexibility Key to Mental Health During COVID Lockdowns

INSIDER  -  There are benefits to holding off on pregnancy during the coronavirus pandemic. It's still up to you, experts say

PREVENTION - How to Cope With the Emotional Toll of a COVID-19 Diagnosis, According to Therapists

GOALCAST - The Dark Side Effects Of Chick Flicks: Toxic Fantasies and Unhealthy Relationships

PSYCHOLOGY.ORG - Dealing With Coronavirus Anxiety: Expert Tips

NEXT AVENUE - What’s the Difference Between a Grudge and a Toxic Relationship?

INSIDER - 4 pregnant women who worked up to the moment they pushed out their babies describe the surreal experience

CNET - Coronavirus anxiety and fears: 5 tips from a psychotherapist on how to cope

MIC - Are messy people really more creative?

ROMPER - Is a Bad Temper Hereditary?

INSIDER - Chrissy Teigen is calling to normalize infant formula after feeling 'shame' when she couldn't breastfeed

MIC - 'The Goop Lab’s healing energies are a dangerous affront to mental health treatment

BEST LIFE - Dating Over 40? Here Are 40 Amazing Expert-Backed First Date Ideas

SHE KNOWS - Should We Really Be Telling Our Kids There Is a Tooth Fairy?

SAATVA - How to Establish a Morning and Evening Routine While Working from Home

HEALTHLINE - How to Talk to Your Kids About the COVID-19 Outbreak

THERAVIVE -   Dopamine Fasting. More Hype?

PSYCOM - The Perfect Villain That Romance Built: Joe Goldberg on “You”

WELL + GOOD - Is Medicare for All the answer for 'job lock'?

HELLO GIGGLES - How to know if you're in a codependent relationship, according to psychologists

THE MATTRESS NERD - The Link Between Sleep, Substance Abuse, and Recovery

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