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Online Therapist & Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Haley Neidich is Online Therapist & Licensed Mental Health Counselor with more than 10 years of experience. Haley is the founder of Haley Neidich Consulting LLC, where she provides mental health services to clients in Florida and Connecticut using a large number of interventions. Haley specializes as a therapist in people with anxiety, mental health, depression and trauma who struggle to function in their daily lives or seek to make positive changes in their lives. Haley is passionate about the use of CBT, mindfulness-based and animal-assisted therapies, including emotionally supportive animals.

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Haley graduated in 2008 with her Master’s Degree from Columbia University school of social work with a focus on disability and mental health. Haley joined the Clinical Faculty of the Yale University School of Medicine where she studied trauma in children and received extensive training in clinical evaluations. Haley completed intensive training in CBT, DBT, Mindfulness-Based interventions as well as perinatal mental health evaluation and treatment.

Haley is a passionate therapist in people with anxiety, mental health, depression and trauma that defends people with disabilities who suffer from mental illnesses that weaken their daily lives.

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Online Therapist & Licensed Mental Health Counselor